Ramsons do provide healthy and hygienic products with the accumulation of worldwide glory and respect. We, Ramsons created the market at the global level for their dairy products and made them available on store shelves for mass consumption. We believe the assurance of providing a good amount of nutritional value to the product which is fruitful for all. We do proper take into consideration two factors as one is the competitive rates of our dairy products and the other to ensure the nutritional value of the product.

Village Level Collection Centre

We established the procurement centre at the rural location to ensure the quality of raw milk and its freshness. We use advanced procurement technology with the use of an Automatic Milk Collection Unit to ensure its Fat value and SNF in milk and also consider providing fair prices to the farmers.

The village service provider (VSP) helps to collect the milk in two shifts, one in the morning and the other in the evening throughout the year by the village level collection centre. The village service provider is having the expertise to clean milk production, testing of milk, collection of the total mass volume of quantity, its transportation, and operating activities including keeping records, maintaining reports, and also keeping an eye on fair pricing of the product. Our trained staff do perform the proper training for each VSP and also pay detailed attention to the adequate space for a collection of milk, along with the advanced testing equipment to test the milk and timely transportation availability helps to keep the dairy products afresh. We do have a team of trainers to guide and facilitate the VSP to procure excellent quality milk by accomplishing its task in a timely manner.

Milk Chilling Centre

Transportation plays a vital role in reaching out to all dairy product customer and their needs. The Milk Van brings the 40-liter aluminium cans to send the milk from the rural collection centres to milk chilling centres, as per the scheduled timetable which ensures and remains good in terms of its quality. We do have proper certification for a proper grading system to follow and testing the milk quality to prevent it to spoil.

Our Procurement

Regular Control
Quality Monitoring

To ensure the quality and safety of the milk products we do maintain rapid methods, sensors and commercial system.

  • Reliable
  • Laboratory
  • Pure Cultures
    of Bacteria

What Our Clients Say

Ramsons Products are best to use and very healthy, I use it daily basis..

Vishal Verma

The quality of desi ghee is better than what is presently available in the market..

Kiran Arora

If you want to buy Tasty Desi Ghee Then go for Ramsonsfood Desi Ghee only. It has incredible taste. Also, it is very healthy. It has perfect aroma color and thickness..

Priya vaid